Gecko Construction - Gecho Construction - in my opinion: worst business experience ever!

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In my opinion - absolutely most horrible business experience I've ever had all around - can't even begin to describe!

Just some advice based on my opinion after my experience: Check the background, complaints, and reputation of contractors very carefully. Don't rely on prior customers, friends or realtors to refer someone in construction until you are absolutely certain they are not getting any money in return. A referral is not reliable if motivated by payment and referral payments should be openly disclosed to you. Have an attorney and inspector representing you every step along the way. Just my opinion ...

Better safe than sorry. Construction projects are typically sizable expenditures and a bad experience can be devastating. Vet your contractor and protect yourself with top notch professionals the whole way. That's my opinion now after a horrible personal experience.

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Gecko Construction - Scammed, took advantage of me thru the whole job

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Gecko Construction Inc./One Day Bath did sloppy cheap unprofessional work.I was charged 3 times the price of the materials and then labor on top of that.

Paid right at 8000.00 for a bath remodel job. Peter MacKenna is an excellent *** artist, takes you to arbitration if you have a dispute we went I lost. He knows exactly what to do and say. Arbitration is for the business and not the consumer.

He is rude and obnoxious does not communicate with you.

Tells you he will do a certain job then does not do it.Stay AWAY

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